ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm Systems

The Rescue Solution

Emerald Marine Products provide fast-acting man-overboard alarm systems and water rescue training dummies to optimize marine safety and increase the chances of successful water rescues. We understand that when someone falls overboard, every second count. Should someone fall off your vessel, our products ensure that your crew are immediately alerted and know exactly what to do.

The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System™ is a marine safety system that notifies the vessel the moment someone falls overboard. For a vessel moving 6 knots, a person who fell overboard will drift approximately 100 feet in 10 seconds. The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System’s immediate response makes for the greatest chance of a successful fall-overboard rescue.

The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System™ is unique in its alerting capabilities. Not only is it the fastest MOB alerting system on the market, but you can extend it's alerting capabilities using autodial, over-radio transmission, external alarms, and more.

Compact and easily carried on a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), the ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System instantly emits a highly audible piercing sound in the wheelhouse upon immersion in water. This system can even be wired to stop an engine and/or set a waypoint on a chartplotter.

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The ALERT is the lowest priced commercial grade fall overboard alarm system on the market. Over a three year period, it only costs $1 per day to protect a life. With more crew members, it costs even less per person.


The automatic water-activated ALERT Transmitter easily attaches to a Personal Flotation Device. It is extremely light and small, making it easy to set it and forget it. There are no antennas or additional strings to get in the way of everyday activity.


All ALERT products are manufactured to exact industrial specifications and made with high quality materials in the USA. The ALERT2 is Intrinsically Safe Certified which requires that it meets this standard in product strength and structural integrity.


The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System has been protecting mariners since 1996. Hundreds of ships and locations installed and thousands of crew protected from military, government and commercial vessels to the singlehander.

We tested the unit by going the furthest away that we could and getting behind a barge. That test was successful. One of our guys decided to do a real life test this morning, and the Alert2 worked perfectly. Read More

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Alerts in Seconds

When every second counts, the ALERT system instantaneously alarms the vessel, providing the crew the critical time needed for a successful man-overboard rescue. Unlike AIS, the response of the ALERT System is immediate. There is no lag time connecting with satellites, and there is no reliance on another product to turn on our automatic water-activated alerting device.

Wired for Engine Kill

For Singlehanders and Solo Fisherman, the ALERT System can be wired to the boat engine. In the event that someone falls overboard, the ALERT System can shut down the engine, giving the man-overboard the opportunity to get back to the vessel.

Automatically Activated

The lightweight, water-activated Transmitter easily attaches to a personal flotation device. Upon immersion, the Transmitter instantly alerts the crew of a man-overboard. The proprietary 418Mhz frequency allows it to be automatically activated so it doesn’t have to rely on additional equipment to be triggered.

Plots Overboard Waypoint

The ALERT Receiver can be connected to a compatible GPS plotter to instantly mark the boat’s location at the time of the fall overboard. This makes for a speedy and successful water rescue.

Quality Products

The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System™ is made up of a Transmitter, Receiver, and a Portable Direction Finder. In addition, Emerald Marine Products manufactures the durable and economical OSCAR Water Rescue Training Dummy.™ Get an OSCAR training dummy for your search and rescue team or outfit your vessel with a man-overboard alarm system today to ensure your crew’s safety at sea.

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Who is Protected with ALERT Products?

This alarm system protects anyone who wants to protect people on, near or above water. We have sold scores of products to the Commercial Fishing, Blue Water Sailors, Coastal and Inland Water Tow, Tug, and Barge companies, Research Vessels, Dredging and Marine Construction Companies, Marine Terminals.

Tow, Tug, and Barge

The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System protects crewmembers who ply the swift coastal and inland waters. “Wearing the ALERT2 gives me a real sense of security” has been echoed by employees of major towboat companies. As a member of the American Waterways Operators organization, Emerald Marine Products understands the dangerous yet vital activities of people working the Tow and Tug Industry. We design our products to function in these demanding environments.

Singlehander and Blue Water Voyager

The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System was originally invented to serve the singlehander and blue water voyager. When sailing or motoring alone or with a small crew, it's imperative that in the event of a fall-overboard the engine can stop, or at a minimum alert someone to the fall-overboard. It's the precious seconds upon immersion that is the life-saving difference between the ALERT System and AIS or range dynamic systems. ALERT products have also been used to protect children and animals while under motor in recreational vessels.

Dredging, Marine Construction and Marine Terminals

Maybe your employees aren't on boats, but they work dangerously close to water. Water that could sweep them out of sight or, in cold weather, send them into shock and restrict their muscles within minutes. The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System protects employees working near water on dredging, marine construction, or terminal operations. The ALERT Receiver can be mounted in the office or wired to communicate via an auto-dialer of HF Radio to immediately alert rescue operations of a fall-overboard situation.

Research Vessels

Though a ship has its safety procedures, sometimes people on vessels are not as savvy about working near water as experienced crew. The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System is easily worn by visitors or scientists who are aboard research vessels. If a person loses their balance and falls overboard, the ALERT System instantly notifies the vessel for a quick and successful rescue.

Commercial Fishermen

Lore and TV Shows showcase the danger involved in making a living as a commercial fisherman. The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System protects crews and solo fisherman who wear the lightweight and durable Transmitter. This device is automatically activated in the event of a fall-overboard, and its Spray-Tight Pouch will protect from false alarms when working in wet conditions. Should a simple mistake take a person over the side of a boat, the ALERT System will instantly notify the vessel.

Military and Law Enforcement Vessels

Law enforcement officials operate in high stake and fast-acting environments on the water. It is critical to protect these officials, so they feel confident moving quickly onboard. The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System is easy to setup and seamlessly attach to any PFD. The Alert System provides extra confidence and security, making it possible for law enforcement officials to focus on the task at hand.

“The Coast Guard have Boatswain Mates of the Watch (BMOW's) that are doing regular rounds of the weather decks at all hours and because of the size of the cutter the OOD is unable to monitor them. Another great use we thought of is for the tiedown crews during helo ops. The lifelines of the ship are lowered during helo ops and the tie down crews are running back and forth on deck sometimes in inclement weather increasing the chance of a MOB.” - United States Coast Guard Lieutenant.