Prepare for Dangers of Falling Into Cold Water

Cold water compounds Man-Overboard situations

Whether on deck or shoreside, frigid weather is fatiguing and increases the chance of falling, especially when restrictive clothing that hinders normal balance is worn. If someone goes overboard, the situation is compounded by cold water shock. Emerald Marine Products’ ALERT Man-Overboard System is a simple, proven solution that instantly notifies those within the immediate area. It provides rescuers the extra seconds needed to keep the fall from becoming a fatality.

Water that’s only 60° is cold enough to generate muscle spasms, a gasp reflex and hyperventilation if fallen into. Sudden immersion can paralyze muscles and even cause a cardiac arrest. Unlike warm water, the MOB victim is unlikely to be able to shout or signal in any way. That’s what makes the ALERT System ideal for cold-weather workers.

In its most basic form, the ALERT system is an automatic water-activated transmitter worn on a lifejacket and a receiver, typically installed in a wheelhouse or job office. When the device is submerged, it triggers the receiver’s alarm and flashing light, instantly notifying coworkers. The system can be wired to kill engines, set a chartplotter or GPS waypoint, and activate external strobes and speakers.

Based off of Puget Sound in Edmonds, Washington, Emerald Marine Products understands the dangers of cold water. Its innovative man overboard life-saving products protect and provide peace of mind to countless deck and shoreside workers and their employers throughout North America.

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