ALERT2 Man-Overboard Transmitter™


The ALERT2 Man-Overboard Transmitter™ is a lightweight water-activated Transmitter that easily attaches to a Personal Flotation Device. It is automatically activated upon hitting water, instantly alerting the crew of a fall-overboard. Before the Fall Overboard comes up for his or her first breath of air, the ALERT2 Transmitter is already alarming the crew on-board that there is a fall overboard.

  • Water activated to immediately alert the vessel
  • Easy to use and wear
  • Proven, reliable, and durable
  • Attaches to a PFD

We tested the unit by going the furthest away that we could and getting behind a barge. That test was successful. One of our guys decided to do a real life test this morning, and the Alert2 worked perfectly. Read More

Riverland AG January 23, 2017

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The ALERT2 Man-Overboard Transmitter™ is a lightweight water-activated Transmitter that easily attaches to a Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Upon immersion, the Transmitter instantly alerts the crew of a fall-overboard. The proprietary 418Mhz frequency allows it to be automatically activated so it doesn’t have to rely on additional equipment to be triggered.

Easy to Use and Wear
The ALERT2 Transmitter easily attaches to a PFD, offering comfortable MOB protection. It is water activated so the man overboard doesn’t need to do anything to trigger the alarm.

Wired for Engine Kill
For singlehanders and solo fishermen, the ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System can be wired to shut off the engine in the event of a fall-overboard, enabling the man overboard to get back to the boat.

Plot Overboard Waypoint
The ALERT Man-Overboard Alarm System can easily connect to a compatible plotter to instantly mark the location of the fall overboard. Making it easier to home in the person that fell overboard.

The ALERT2 Transmitter has been saving lives for over 20 years. This proven, reliable, and durable safety device is essential to protect anyone on the water.

ALERT2 Transmitters require an ALERT2 Receiver or ALERT418 Receiver to transmit to.

Download ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System Product Sheet


Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 x .75 inches
Weight: 4 ounces with batteries
Watertight integrity: 200 feet maximum water depth
Power supply: Two 3.6 volt AA size lithium batteries
Controls: Off/Armed
Attachments: Nylon or Spray-Tight Pouch
FCC approval: Part 15 (no license required)
Industry Canada approval: RSS 210 (no license required)
Frequency: 418 MHz
Range: 1 nautical mile maximum
Antenna: Internal
Operating life: 3 hours minimum at -4 degrees F
Battery replacement: Annual or upon emergency use
Transmits to: ALERT2 Receiver, ALERT2 Portable Direction Finder
Operating temperature: -4 degree F to 130 degree F
Storage temperature: -40 degree F to 158 degree F
Country of Manufacture: United States of America
Part number: AT101
Price: $325.00