Water Rescue Techniques Featuring OSCAR

OSCAR is an excellent way to prepare your crew for potential man-overboard scenarios. When someone falls overboard, every second counts. Providing adequate training with an OSCAR water rescue mannequin places you and your team in the best position possible for a successful swift-water rescue.

All OSCAR water rescue mannequins are made up of impact-resistant vinyl bladders and stainless-steel joints. Due to its heavy-duty construction, OSCAR can withstand repeated drops and rescue attempts in even the most difficult conditions. The vinyl bladders are to be filled with water, bringing the dummy to a lifelike weight of 180 pounds. OSCAR floats at chest level just like a human being, enabling you and your crew to practice lifting a “human” out of the water and into a rescue craft. Because the mannequin doesn’t have any rough or protruding edges, you can safely use a personal flotation device or dry suit on the dummy during training. Its vinyl bladders and stainless-steel joints are easy to replace if need be, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a brand-new training dummy.

Many industries, riverside municipalities, and institutions—including the United States Coast Guard—use OSCAR to simulate real-life rescue scenarios.

Our water rescue mannequin outperforms other products in both price and durability. While other water rescue dummies are heavier and more expensive, OSCAR portrays an adult-sized human at a realistic and manageable weight for training purposes, making it ideal for learning various water rescue techniques. After training with OSCAR, your rescue team will feel more confident in their abilities to successfully save overboard victims.

For more information about OSCAR, please read our list of Frequently Asked Questions. We even have a few demonstration videos available, so you can see OSCAR in action. If you still have questions, we have answers—just contact us at your earliest convenience.