At Emerald Marine Products, we’re proud that our marine rescue equipment impacts the peace of mind and efficiency of ship captains, crew members, vessel passengers, law enforcement officials, and more. From our dependable ALERT man-overboard signals to our affordable OSCAR water rescue training dummies and other marine retrieval products, we love sharing company updates and new product information. From the launch of brand-new marine rescue equipment to the many ways our man-overboard signals can alert a vessel if someone falls overboard, you’ll find our latest company news and updates here.

Press Releases

  • For Blue Water, a Man-Overboard Alarm Is a Must

    Blue water cruisers, sailors and mega yacht deckhands understand the seriousness of a man-overboard situation. When every second matters, the key to a successful recovery is a quick response by crew. Emerald Marine Products' ALERT418™ Man-Overboard System is a water-activated transmitter that instantly sets off a cabin or helm alarm when submerged, without the delay common with systems that rely on satellite signals.

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  • Man-Overboard Transmitter Becomes the New Standard

    Emerald Marine Products announces the release of the ALERT418™ Man-Overboard Transmitter.

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  • Water Rescue Training Dummy Replicates 180 lb. Adult

    No one wants to be OSCAR: cold, wet and brought back on deck by fellow crewmembers. The Water-Rescue Training Dummy™ from Emerald Marine Products makes it easy to practice man-overboard recoveries, without anyone jumping in.

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  • Brennan Places Its Trust in ALERT2 MOB Alarm

    La Crosse, Wisconsin-based Brennan knows the value of preparedness. Because of this, it places its trust in Emerald Marine Products' ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System. Any fall is dangerous, but when it's into the cold waters of the Upper Mississippi River, response time is critical. The innovative device instantly alerts the company's crew and employees, providing the crucial extra seconds needed to successfully manage a man overboard (MOB) rescue operation.

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  • Complete MOB System for Subchapter M Compliance

    Tugboat companies complying with Subchapter M regulations are required to have man overboard (MOB) procedures in place, including a way of retrieving crew who have fallen overboard. C-HERO has put together a package to help tug and barge workers fulfill this mandate, the MOB Total Solution. The system includes the C-HERO Lift™ Portable MOB Davit, C-HERO Reach™ Attachment Pole, and Emerald Marine Products' ALERT2 Man-Overboard Alarm System.

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